Introduction: Rocket Flashlight

In this instructable, I will be making a model rocket and attaching it to a flashlight to display or use. I will use everyday items so there is no difficulty in building this.


1. plastic tube or paper towel roll
2. Cardboard or foam core
3. Flashlight( make sure it fits in the tube)
4. Paints( optional)
5. Tape or glue
6. Something for a nose come. You can make it from paper or use something else, like I did.

Step 1: Step 1. the Body

To start, you need to insert the back end of the flashlight into the treasure be and tape/glue it into place. Make sure that the switch for the flashlight is accessible. Then do the same with the nose cone.

Step 2: Add the Fins

For the fins, you need cardboard or foam core. First you need to decide how many fins you want. I did two but you can have as many as you like.
To cut the fins, first cut a square or rectangle, the cut it in half diagonally. Glue or tape these to the body.

Step 3: Painting It(optional)

If you want you could paint the rocket, but it is fine to leave it bare. After painting you can add decals, stickers and other details to your rocket flashlight. You can even make a scale model of a real rocket!
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