Introduction: Rocket Launcher: Homemade

Step 1: Materials

3 pieces of paper 1 empty water bottle Tape Scissors Toilet paper role Coin (optional) I did not use a coin as it weighed the rocket down and said no to flighing high

Step 2: Rocket

Tape up the top of the roll and place a piece of round paper down the opposite side so the rocket doesn't stick

Step 3: Tubes

To make the first tube you will have to come it slightly. Roll up the tube and then tape where air could escape but not the ends. The second tube just has to be straight but thinner in diameter than the other. It also has to be smaller.

Step 4: Turning Point

The turning point is a box that is made of paper. Tape up all if the sides so no air escapes make sure to get the corners. Then you will cut off two corners. You can then put a tube in there and seal it up with tape.

Step 5: Air Source

Tape the bottle to either tube on the end and secure with tape.

Step 6: Finished Just One More Thing

After firing the first time you have to blow the bottle back up. Just blow on the end of the tube and the bottle will expand.

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