Introduction: Rocket League Ball Stand

For this product we will need the following machines:

  • 3D-printer
  • Laser Cutter
  • Weller

We also need some materials:

  • Thin wood (for the case)
  • An iron cilinder (for the ball to stand on)
  • Led's (for the light in the ball)
  • Wire (to connect the led's)
  • Batteries


My final product uses ducktape. This is because I made some mistakes with sizes. Make sure that in your product all sizes fit together. This Instructable will give you a product without ducktape.

Step 1: 3D-printing?!

First download the Rocket League Ball 3D-model:

We will first need to 3D-print the ball. This can be a long step in your process, because of the time it takes to 3D-print.

I started with printing only one side of the ball. The size of the ball can be chosen by you. A bigger ball takes longer to print. Then I started printing the other side of the ball. Make sure that both sides are the same size.

When you are done with printing you can start with removing useless material on the ball. This material is made by the 3D-printer to support the ball while printing. Make sure that you only remove the support material.

If you don't know how to use a 3D-printer, then you can watch this video: . But to learn all about a 3D-printer you just have to use it. I learned a lot during the making of this product by just trying to work with the 3D-printer.

Step 2: Wire Up!

We now have a 3D-ball, but we still need lights for in the ball. As you have seen the ball has little holes in it. Those holes are perfect for a Led. If the holes of your model are too big to put a Led in, then you can fill them up with some glue or you can make a smaller version.

We will first need to create a construction of Led's. All led's must be able to reach the holes in the ball. For this you can make a construction like shown above on the drawing. I did not use a parallel way of connecting the Led's. I think it's the best if you do it parallel. This means that the Led's will not use 4 batteries and only one. More about parallel can be found on this page:

Once you have made a construction you can use the weller to put them together. Make sure that every + side of the Led is connected to a - side of another Led, and also every - side is connected to every + side of another led. If you choose to use a parallel way of connecting then check the link above. Make sure that one Led is not connected with his + and also one Led is not connected with is -. This will be the Led endings that connect to the batteries. Connect a wire on those + and - endings. Make sure that the wire that is connected is long enough. Tip: You can always test if you Led construction is working by grabbing some batteries and holding them to the + and - endings.

Now you can put the construction in the ball. You can also glue the ball sides together if you are confident that the Led's will stay in place. You can use some glue to make sure that the Led's stay in their holes.

Step 3: How Will It Stand?

We now have a 3D-printed ball with a construction of Led's in it. Now we will need to make a case where the batteries and a switch can stay in. This case will be made with the lasercutter.

You can create your own case on Maker Case. This website is very easy to use and will generate a file with the case you wanted. On the website you can select the size and also give a position for a hole. We will need this hole in our case for the iron cylinder to go in. Make sure that the hole in the case is big enough to put in the iron cylinder.

The file can be downloaded by clicking on generate. The file that will download is a svg file. Watch this video to know how you can work with this file on your laser cutter:

When you have your laser cutter set up you can start with cutting. The duration of the cutting will not be so long. Laser cutters are very fast in my experience. When your case is done with printing you can glue it together, but make sure to leave the bottom open. This gives us the possibility to put in the batteries and a switch.

Step 4: Finish It!

Now we have a case, a 3D-printed ball with Led's. We will now need to put the ball on the iron cylinder. The wires will go through the iron cylinder in to the case. The iron cylinder can be as long as u want it to be.

We can put the ball on the iron cylinder with some glue. Make sure to give it some time to dry. When the 3D-ball is on the cylinder you can put it in the hole in your case. To let it stay in place you can use glue inside the case or ducktape. If you made a hole where the iron cylinder fits in perfect then you will only need to use some glue.

The bal is standing and we can now connect the batteries to the wires that are inside the case. You can connect them using ducktape or the weller. If you want to turn the lights on and off you can extend it with a switch. This switch needs to be between the batteries and the + wire. The - wire can be connected to the - side of the battery.

The bottom of the case does not have to be glued, but you can if you cant. You can also try to add a hinge.

We now have a Rocket League ball stand. You can paint the stand in a color you like or add some other things. Thank you for reading and I hope you like the product!