Introduction: Rocket Match Box

once u grab all ur things you should be ready to start

Supplies of matches

2.aluminum foil

3.wooden skewers

4.small candle or lighter



7.aluminum tape

8. cardboard

Step 1: Ignition System

First your gonna want to grab your box of matches and grab a couple of matches and cut off the tips and set them to the side. Then grab one of ur skewers and cut the tip off and make it about 4 inches.

Step 2: Rocket Finders

Now your gonna wanna your aluminum foil tape and cut out squares that are a little below 1/5 in. in width and hight and gonna wanna take both conners of the square and fold into a triangle and then pinch it together to form an x shape and cut the tip of it off.

Step 3: Rocket Body

Then your gonna wanna grab ur cardboard box and cut it out to this shape in the picture and should fit in your matchbox.

Step 4: Rocket Body

Now your gonna wanna grab a pice of aluminum foil and put a paper towel on it and fold it 3 times and make sure its some what big and then grab your scissors and cardboard cut out and cut out the shape of the cardboard

Step 5: Assembly Time

First your gonna wanna grab ur foil cut out and lay it down flat somewhere and then grab one of your match head and place it on the big side of the cut out near the end and a little above the middle and put ur skewer stick below the match head.

Step 6: Assembly Time

second your gonna wall roll it up from the match side and make sure u fold it carefully and tightly.then once its rolled up pinch down the free space on top and fold it down little by little.

Step 7: Assembly Time

Then your gonna want to grab your pliers and pinch the top of the rocket from multiple different angles and make sure its sealed and do it tight carefully or else it wont work.then put ur finder on it by taking off the sticky protecter on it then slide it on and pinch it on the rock.

Step 8: Assembly Time

Finally your rocket is done now u should have a small model of a rock with the sewer in it. now make a hole in your match box at one of the ends and at the middle and put your rocket in it and position your rocket how ever you want to be.

Step 9: Blast Off

Last step, Now that ur done with everything ur gonna wanna grab ur candle or a lighter and light them up and put the fire below the rock at the front of it and try to heat up where the match head is at and the just wait for it to heat up enough for its self launch, they can go at least 40ft in the air and that is your match box rocket and now you know how to make them and you can make as many as you want and should be a lot faster and better

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