Introduction: Rocket Plus Count Down in Tinkercad Code Blocks

today I will be showing you how to make an animated 3d model in tinker cad code block for the basics I suggest you head over to my other code block project and check it out and if you like either one make sure to vote it in the code block contest its easy and helps out a ton link here:


tinker cad (well duh)

Step 1: Count Down / Brain Storm

to start any project you must first brainstorm what you want it to be to start thinking about these things:

1. what is it that you want to accomplish

2. how do you want to accomplish it

3. how do you want it to look

for my 3 I choose

1. I want a count down to launch a rocket

2. using Tcad code blocks

3. a simple rocket

so with that, In place, it's time to start the count down

I just summon a number and shoot it off to the void and repeated it 4 more times

Step 2: Make the Model

so now you want to start with your big model the main event so for time's sake it a simple rocket the star is not my clever idea but another Instructables user if that's you please comment I would like to give you credit it saved me so much time

Step 3: Finish

make your model nice by adding little things like tilting the rocket and your done

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