Introduction: Rocket Skateboard

Introduction: the skateboard is made by
imitating the shape of the rocket. The resistance of the triangle skateboard head is small, and the tail of the skateboard is added with the tail wing. It is different from the general skateboard in the shape. The appearance is cool and gives people a feeling of riding the rocket

Step 1: Make a Floor

1. Drag out a roof, turn 90 degrees to the right, then 90 degrees to the front.

2.Pull up to a bottom of 50 to 30 thick 1.5

3. Make a tripod:Copy the triangle in proportion to reduce, set to hollow, merge two triangles

4.Triangle andtripod merge

5.Drag out apolygon to a thickness of 1.5 and align it with the skateboard head

6. Merge two graphics

7. Drag out the cube so that its thicknessis 1.5 and its length is 35, and it is aligned with the skateboard head.

8. Drag out a Polygon and align it withthe waist of the skateboard

9. Make a pair of tails: Drag out theparabolic surface, rotate 90 degrees to the right, reduce the ratio and connect with the tail, copy one, install both sides, and merge.

Step 2: Add Some Decoration to the Skateboard

1. Drag out a cylinder and a star shrink the star in the same proportion, and merge with the cylinder

2. Drag to the end of the skateboard and merge with the skateboard

3. Drag out the sunflowers, adjust thewidth to 10, move to the waist of the skateboard, and merge

Step 3: Making Wheels

1. Drag out the wheel, resize, and copy

2. Drag out the cylinder, resize and align with the Tyre

Step 4: Make a Stabilizer

1. Drag out of the circular roof, copy, reduce the same proportion, set to transparent, merge

2. Drag out the cube, align it with the Fixer, and merge it with the circular roof

3. Merge with skateboard and install screws

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