Introduction: Rocket Stove!

A project from class in Metals, it was a great project for practice on many types of tool use and it was very fun to make!

Step 1: All Metal for the Main Body Used

Four main pieces used for the body and wood feed, plus a stable piece just in case, keeps it sturdy.

I was lucky enough to build this in class for metals and it was not only my first finished big project with welding but also great practice and fun!

Step 2: Starting Off Cutting and Welding the Bottom Part!

We cut the big piece of metal to a good size and welded the stabilizing piece to that, so now it looks like a T! That is the bottom of the rocket stove!

Step 3: Next, Still Working With the Bottom Piece!

We drilled 15, 1/2 inch holes to be at the bottom of the rocket stove under the fire!

Step 4: Cutting the Piece for Feeding the Wood!

Cutting the shoot to an angle to weld onto the body of the rocket stove.

Step 5: From the Body of the Rocket Stove

Cut a rectangle to attach the wood feed part we just cut to an angle.

The measurements will vary on what sized rocket stove you are making and what materials you have.

Step 6: Once Attached

Then just weld all of the pieces together!

Step 7: Then We Attached a Handle, and a Lid for the Shoot!

Again Just for Safety and Stability! The second picture shows the lid.

Step 8: Last Step!

We just painted it with a black heat resistant spray paint.