Rocket (tape) Laser Decals




Introduction: Rocket (tape) Laser Decals

Make graphics decals for your rocket with simple things.
You need a laser printer, packing tape, and a couple of minutes.
This will not work with ink jets, only thermal toner, or indelible ink based products.

Step 1: Make Some Designs and Print Them !

Print your decal the way you want it to appear . 
The white (paper) is removed later so it is clear.
I have found that the worst quality paper makes the best decals.
This only works with  thermal - non water soluble printers like a laser printer.
Most copy machines use thermal ink.

Step 2: Cover With Tape and Press It Down...hard!

In this next step we cover the image with tape.
We need the tape to stick to the color particles.
Rub it down firmly...
I used the flat end of a battery on a hard surface.
After pressing the tape down,  trim the decal near the margins.
Note: Where printing covers the surface there will be little glue left to stick to the surface.
If you have a lot of printed area, leave extra border.

Step 3: Soak It, Rub It, Dry It....

Now soak the decals in warm (hot bath temperature) water for a few minutes.
Get a piece of wax paper ready.
Rub the wet paper on the tape.  It will start to come off of the tape.
Keep everything wet.  We are not removing the glue just 95% of the paper.
The paper will come off but the image will remain.
When done lay decal on wax paper, sticky side down.
Do not press the decal into the wax!.

Step 4: Apply the Decal to the Rocket Tube

Lift the decal and stick down to the rocket tube.
Good luck, and happy decorating.

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    1 year ago

    So nice there are people in the world willing to share their ideas and skills for all to use and enjoy! Thank you for what you do! Who knows how many people will find great pleasure and fun doing these things. My five year old grand-daughter is crafting crazy and I LOVE rockets (engineer) so we will have a lot of fun with this!


    2 years ago

    Thanks... I did it and so far it has worked. When I hope to fly the rocket, the decals might fly off.


    2 years ago

    This is a great idea... Thanks for it!

    Lego bricker
    Lego bricker

    6 years ago

    I am looking for this all day. It's really nice way to make some decals in your way. At last it'll be very helpful if u know somthing about water-slide decals. I'll be bery thankful if you help me out.

    Big Baneser
    Big Baneser

    7 years ago on Introduction

    The first time I looked it over and I thought I'd need some weird paper along with chemicals. Now that I've read it fully I feel dumb for missing how simple it is. I must see if my school printers work for this.