Introduction: Rocket

Maker : Deepak
Location : Banjaraplya E4D Makerspace

i did this rocket in Banjaraplya E4D Makerspace .


  1. Matches
  2. Aluminium fail
  3. Small tube(or)cylinclicul object
  4. tape
  5. paper tape


  1. scissor
  2. pliers

Step 1: Roll the Stick With Aluminium Fail

Roll the stick with aluminium fail in only 2 roll as shown in image.

Step 2: Put the Other Aluminium Fail

Put the other aluminium fail of the other aluminium fail as shown in image.

Step 3: Open the Aluminium Fail

Open the aluminium fail as shown in image.

Step 4: Cut the Match Stick

Cut at the edge of the match stick as shown in the image.

Step 5: Put the Aluminium Fail

Put the aluminium fail's hole in the hole you want to put the cutted match stich in the aluminium fail as shown in image.

Step 6: Make the Match Box to the Rocket Stand

Make the match box to the rocket to the stand like i made with match stich witch is empty box see in the image.

Step 7: Fix Aluminium Fail to Match Box Stand

Fix Aluminium fail to match box stand

Step 8: Finally My Projects Is Finish

Finally my projects is finish .

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