Introduction: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

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As Christmas is just around the corner, here's an easy way to get your family and friends into the holiday spirit! Whenever anyone gets close to the Christmas tree, this device is programmed to play your favorite Christmas songs. Everyone will be Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree in no time!

Note: this device could also act like a baby monitor if you have a little munchkin in the house. Oftentimes our tiny humans see the lights and want to pick off the ornaments right? With this device, you'll know if they are getting too close to the tree. Crisis averted!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Not too many supplies needed for this instructable. You'll need:

  • LinkIT ONE MediaTek Board
  • Speaker
  • Grove Motion sensor

Step 2: Install Favorite Christmas Songs to the Device

Upload MP3 versions of all your favorite Christmas music to play on que when the device is activated.

We are going to store the MP3 files in the flash memory of the LinkIt One. To do this, turn MS/UART switch to Mass Storage or MS mode. This will allow your computer to recognize it as a USB or FlashDrive. Now you can simply drag and drop MP3 song files into the LinkIt One Flash Storage.

. Once this is done, turn the MS/UART switch back to UART mode so you can upload your code.

Step 3: Install Your Code

Now it is time to install your code! A lot of these features are already built in to LinkITone, so all the libraries we are going to use are already on the device! How lucky is that!

Download the code file that is attached to this step. You're going to want to find this code line:

LAudio.playFile( storageFlash,(char*)"RockinAroundXmasTree.mp3");

See how it says 'RockingAroundXmasTree.mp3'? You're going to want to rename that to whatever your music file is called! Otherwise it won't play!

Step 4: Hide Your Speaker In/Under the Tree

Find a good spot probably behind all of the presents for your speaker to sit safe and sound.

Step 5: Surprise Your Family and Friends With Holiday Tunes

Get the whole gang into the holiday spirit with this device. In no time your whole family will be Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree!