Introduction: Rockinghorse Cake

My grandmother always made this cake when i was a child for my Aunt on her birthday. This is the first time i have attempted to make this cake. I hope you enjoy this cake as much as we do.

Step 1: Bake Cake in 9x13 Pan Following Instructions From Cake Box

Step 2: Let Cake Cool for 1 Hour Before Cutting. You May Place in Refrigerator to Help Cake Stay Together When Cutting

Step 3: Cut Down One Section of Cake About 1/4 Over in a Straight Line. This Will Be the Head and Neck of the Horse

Step 4: The Rest of the Cake Will Be the Body, Legs and Rocker

Step 5: Arrange on a 15 X 24 Cake Board and Trim Pieces of the Cake to Align Correctly

Step 6: Use Any Extra to Form the Ear at the Top of the Head and Fill the Rocker

Step 7: Use Any Icing That You Like ( May Need Up to 2 Cans of Icing )

Step 8: Once Iced You Can Use Licorice for the Hair on the Horse Mane and Tail.

Step 9: Use Licorice to Outline the Rocker and Saddle. I Used M&M's But Have Also Used Lifesavers.