Introduction: Rockstar Spiky

Hi Everyone,

This is the first time I am publishing an instructable. I made a clay sculpture of rockstar with spikes by using some daily use stuffs that anybody can find in households easily. I really enjoy making it and would love to share it.

I hope you like it.


You will require following equipments :

1. a thermocoal cup(I will not prefer a plastic cup as stones will not stick tighly to it's surface)

2. pencil, scissor and cutter

3. wires and a plier

4. double sided tape

5. a bulb

6. cardboard

7.colorful tape(just for the decoration purpose)

8. a metal plate

9. fevi quick(or any other powerful glue)

Step 1: Prepare the Structure

With the help of plier make a shape of rough human body with the wires. Start with foot then knees, spinal cord and finally head. At the joint use tape to strengthen the structure as I have use tape to join legs and hands to chest.

Use the double sided tape to join hips and the cup as it will hold tight the structure. Also to provide strength to the structure to be held by the cup I curled another wire to the foot which is also attached to the cup. This will hold the structure and not let it to move around.

Try to attach the head(bulb) and remove it as you will not be able to turn wires after applying clay to the structure.

Step 2: Prepare and Apply Clay

As I wished to use the soil rather than factory made clay I sieved

the dry soil with filter just to get fine clay clear of any pebbles or other materials. You can use factory made clay also.

Now add little water in it as large amount of water will make the clay to flow down. Apply small amount of clay starting from foot to knees to abdomen to shoulders and then finally to palms. Always start applying clay from bottom and slowly move towards top.

As the clay dries up you can see large cracks try to fill those gaps. Repeat this step 3-4 times and you will get satisfying results the cracks will disappear even after drying.

Step 3: Stick Stones to the Stool

It was the most Industrious step but yet most interesting.

Collect flat stones of any sizes that may easily stick to the cup and and glue them on the surface. Start sticking them from bottom then move towards top one by one. I made this by Sticking larger ones near the bottom and the size of the stones will decrease towards top.

Step 4: Make Spikes

You will need Pencil, cardboard, scissors and white paper.

Start by drawing Spikes on the cardboard and the curve according to the bulb so that it may fit properly.

Now cut the cardboard and apply glue on the cardboard piece and stick white paper on it.

Apply colorful tape as the glue dries up. You can also colour it, I have used yellow colored tape to make his hairs yellow.

Finally, stick spikes on the bulb with some powerful glue(I have used fevi-quick).

Step 5: Make Guitar

As you made spikes make guitar with similar process. Take cardboard

draw guitar and cut it with the help of scissor. Apply glue on it and stick white paper to make it smooth.

Now stretch out tape and stick it on the back side of the plate and cut different shapes that you would like to have them in your guitar with the help of cutter or knife. I used electric tape(black one) to make the strings and outline of the guitar.

Step 6: Assemble All the Parts!

It is time to join all the parts.

Attach the bulb with spikes on the top and stick guitar to his palms.

Your spiky is ready to rock! Enjoy…

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