Introduction: Roddish

For this project, we wanted to ease the processes of gardening a single plant. To do this, we created an automated and interactive mini greenhouse. When finished this device will be able to sense humidity, temperature, moisture, and also be able to light or heat up the plant ad pump water into the soil of the plant.

Step 1: Building Electronics

For this step we set up the hardware and programming for all sensors, the lamp, the pump, the OLED screen, and all other components.

First we set up each sensor and the screen to the Arduino, making sure everything worked properly.

We then connected the lamp and the pump to the Arduino and began writing the code for the interactive part of the project.

Step 2: Code


Step 3: Making Materials

For this project, we designed an outer case in resemblance to the Pokemon Oddish. We created a 3d design for this in Fusion. We decided it wold be most efficient if we broke down the main part of the design into three parts for a faster print. For the top, we cut acrylic and sealed it with epoxy.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

After all of the electronics, coding, and printing of materials were done we finally put everything together. We put all electronics in their designated spot, glued each layer together, placed soil and a plant on top, and finally we painted the prototype.