Introduction: Rokenbok-ArduinoRemote

Some notes before starting:

  • This tutorial is only for the old Rokenbok toy (1997 version i my case).
  • This will be a quick-and-dirty tutorial. Maybe I will expand/clean it when I have more time.


I had to make a little project for school and tought about my old rokenbok toy.

So i came up with the idea to control it from a cortex-M3 using the default-remote connector.

As the cortex-M3 is not that user-friendly, I reworked the project afterwards to use the well known arduino boards.


  1. Sorry for my english. It's not my first language.
  2. Understand that using this tutorial is at your own risk! Don't blame others if you break something...

Step 1: Rokenbok Pinout & Protocol

The Rokenbok station only uses the 5 upper pins from it's connector.
The 4 lower pins are not connected.

I named those pins as follow:

  1. GND
  2. DATA
  3. Clock (CLK)
  4. Sync
  5. VCC (+5V)

If you are interested how the communication protocol works.

Look at the second image of this part (the one with the charts on it).

  • Each cycle starts with the sync pin being pulled low for a very short moment.
  • Following the sync there are 16 clock pulses.
  • If you put the data line high on pulse 5, then the car drives forward, pulse 6 = backwards, ...

Step 2: Arduino Pinout & Software

If you want to use my arduino code, remember to use the correct one.

Pinout for arduino Leonardo:

  • VccIn = 3 (I use this one to detect if the Rokenbok station is powerd on).
  • sync = 2
  • clk = 1
  • data = 0
  • GND = GND on arduino.

Pinout for arduino Mega:

  • VccIn = 18 (I use this one to detect if the Rokenbok station is powerd on).
  • sync = 19
  • clk = 20
  • data = 21
  • GND =
    (To use the same protoboard i configured A6 & A5 as digital pin LOW.)
    It is not possible to use the same pinout on the Mega as the TX/RX on pin 0 and 1 are used for usb communication.)

Step 3: Windows Control Software:

To easly control the cars I have made a little form application.

For arduino Leonardo leave DTR & RTS checkbox enabled.
For arduino Mega disable them.

Select COM port and press connect. (The textbox should now show some information.)

Drive controls:

  • Steering: Z,S,D,Q (azerty keyboard, sorry). (To change this download visual studio and go to code line 50.)
  • Extras: X,Y,A,B = Numpad: 8, 2, 4, 6.
  • Select: Numpad: 0 (The ID number shown on the screen is probably not the correct one)!


  • Selected ID is not the correct one!

Step 4: Video: