Introduction: Roketeer Costume

This is a costume I created for Halloween 2011. I knew I wanted to be the rocketeer, what I didn't realize is that they only sell Film costume replicas for hundreds of dollars. The only way for me to be the Rocketeer was to make it all from scratch.

Things I needed to create:
Rocketeer Helmet
Flight Jacket

Things I could buy:
Khaki pants
Brown boots
Motorcycle gloves
Toy gun

Step 1: The Helmet

This was the most difficult aspect of the project. If you have ever seen the Rocketeer's helmet it is very unique. So I hit thrift and craft stores looking for something that I could use to replicate the sleak helmet.

I came across a Darth Vader Halloween mask and I saw potential. It had the eyes I needed and a smooth forhead piece that covered half the head. I decided to grab it without really knowing how I would use it.

I cut the front of the mask off from the nose down, just leaving the half above the eyes. I then proceeded to do some more clipping and turned the mouth piece of the mask upside down and attached it with a pair of screws to the upper half.

This left me with a gap in the area of the mouth. I cut a plastic plate to a shape I thought would work and glued it to the open space.

Then I glued two pieces of cardboard together and cut the shape of the fin for the top of the mask. I cut a slit in the top of the mask and slid the fin in. I then glued it on the inside of the mask.

Then I realized I needed the two air vents. I used two toilet paper roll, cut them in half and then into triangles. I allowed for a half circle vent and superglued the rest to the helmet.

For decoration I cut the edges off plastic plates and glued three curved pieces to each side of the helmet.

Once all the pices were attached I put a clear coat finish to make the cardboard and plastic have similar finishes. Then I painted the whole thing gold.

Step 2: Jetpack

I have a full instructibles on this under "Rocketeer Jetpack!!"

Step 3: Flight Jacket

I was a little worried about the jacket because I am not much of a sower. Luckily enough I found a full length rain coat with two rows of buttons at the thrift store.

I started by dying the jacket with Rit dye in the washing machine. I had never done it before but after putting it through two or three times I achieved the desired color.

The jacket was full length but I wanted it to just come to the waist. I cut it off at the waist and folded a couple inches up under itself and duct tapped it to the inside. The jacket was fairly wide so I took it in in the back so that it fit my chest and waist snug.

I then cut the collar to half its original size and put several gold rivets on it.

I also sowed on one more button so that it had an even number on both sides.

Step 4: The Rest

For the rest of the costume I just bought a pair of khaki pants and sowed a holster into them.

I took a squirt gun and spraypainted it black.

I wore padded motorcycle gloves and shin high commando boots.

And the costume was complete!

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