Introduction: Roll Call Machine

The bus leader must roll call machine each morning, but this is not a simple job. So I thought whether it would be faster for students to roll their own , so I designed a simple device for students to operate by themselves.

Step 1: What Do You Need to Prepare

Breadboard x 1

Jumper (random)

LED (random)

Button x 2

Resistance (Follow the number of LEDs)

arduino board x 1

Step 2: Step.1 Put on LED and Wires

In this step, all the LEDs and wires must be put on, so that there is a display for subsequent operations.

We can see that there are six LEDs in the picture, one is connected to D12, one is connected to D11, one is connected to D10, one is connected to D9, one is connected to D8, and last one is connected to D7.(Each LED must be connected to a resistor)

Step 3: Step. 2 Put on Button

We have two buttons, one for D2 and one for D3. D2 is to make the LED light up, each time you press it, one more light. The button connected to D3 is the button to refresh all.

Step 4: Step. 3 Put on the Code

Step 5: Confirm

When you're done, remember to make sure everything works, like buttons, LEDs, or wires. If the LED doesn't light, you can try to change it first. If it doesn't work, check your line and code.