Introduction: Roll It & Store It

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I'm running out of room in my She Shed so I need all the help I can get. Here is my quick & easy solution to storing paper.I got tired of thumbing through craft paper looking for the perfect one. I also got tired of it ending up bent or creased because I don't really have a spot to keep it. This works for, paper, contact paper, shelf paper & my felt.

Step 1: Materials:

1. Paper towel & or toilet paper cardboard rolls

2. Scissors

3. Staple gun or blade

Step 2: Prepare the Rolls

~ Cut a notch on top of roll at the end, wide enough for staple gun to fit in. Do the same straight across on other end of roll. Do this to all rolls you will be using.

~ Mount them to your surface keeping uncut part of roll flat against surface & slide staple gun into notch & staple each end. If you want to get real creative, you can wrap your roll with the color paper that will be stored in it.

~ Roll your paper or felt, insert into tubes. Now the paper is up and out of the way!

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