Introduction: Roll Up Glove-box Essentials Caddy!

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Roll Up Glove-box Essentials Caddy!
With rows of pockets for the perfect in car storage system!

The backside has a large zipper pocket,
Perfect for important papers, notes, or maps!

(does anyone use maps these days?)

Rolls up and ties!
Perfect storage and organization for important glove-box items!

What kinds of things are essential to keep in the car?
scissors, knife, multi-tool, safety pins, buttons, sewing kit, gum, floss,

hair bands and clips, pens/pencils/markers, comb, girl treats, nail care,

tweezers (we all know the lighting reveals all stray hairs while in the car),

car charger, tire pressure gauge, bug spray, chapstick, allergy meds, lighter...

and all those important documents!

Did I miss anything?

You could fill with survival or first aid items too!

Step 1: Supplies

To get started you will need:

Fabric: 9 by 22 inches (2)

7 by 22 inches (1)

Clear vinyl: 4 by 22 inches (1)

1/2" Double fold bias tape: 88 inches

Quilted batting fabric: 9 by 22 inches (1)

Sewing machine

(standard presser foot, zipper foot and non stick foot)

((The non stick foot is great for sewing on things that aren't porous.
It helps it slide while sewing on the clear vinyl.))

22 inch zipper

24 inch ribbon

scissors and pins

Step 2: Start Sewing!

Start by sewing the double fold bias tape to the top edge of the clear vinyl
as well as the 7 inch fabric, in my case, polka dots!

Next sew the clear vinyl to the polka dot fabric.
Use the non stick foot.

Sew little division lines on the clear and the polka dot fabric as often as you want.

You can make random sizes, keep them uniform or really tailor it to your needs.

I did 9 pockets.

Step 3: Backside!

For the backside:
Cut 2 inches off the top of the fabric.

Sew double edged bias tape on the 2 edges that will line up with your zipper.

This makes it look cute!

Now get that zipper foot out and sew on the zipper.

Down one side...and down the other.
Make sure the zipper tracks have plenty of space and the fabric wont snag while zipping.

Sew the ends to secure the zipper.

Now you have the front and the back.

Stack them like a sandwich: batting, zippered piece, and then the pocket piece...

Step 4: Sewing It All Together!

The pocket piece is folded over the top of the zipper piece.
Make sure that the zipper and the pocket piece are both the right direction up,

with the right sides together, you are ready to sew the pieces together.

Start by pinning the layers together.

Start a straight stitch 1/3 of the way to the corner at the top.

sew, turn the corner, sew, corner, sew, corner, sew, corner, and then sew a little bit more!

Stop after sewing 1/3 of the top from the corner.

(make sense?)

This should leave the middle of the top open, but all your corners perfectly sewn.

Now turn the pouch right side out using that hole in the top.
Press out all 4 corners.

Now all we need to do is fold in the fabric at the hole and sew it shut.

I sewed a straight stitch all across the top edge.
Fold your ribbon in half, sew it on one edge of the caddy with the pattern side folded in.

This way when you wrap the roll, the pattern will show.

Step 5: Fill!

Writing sewing directions is hard, hope the pictures are more clarifying!

Here's the top of the roll bag

And the zipper side!

Here's the loads of junk I need to organize!

Step 6: Enjoy!

Ta Da! Perfect for back to school supplies too!
And it's even cute--roll it up and tie it pretty!

Fits with room to spare in the glove box!
Full of everything I'll need while riding shotgun in the car!'s the prettiest thing in the car!

Hope you loved this Glove-box organization!

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