Introduction: Roll the Dice.

This is a dice tower I made for my daughter for her birthday. It works well for her and she enjoys using it for her D&D games.

I used Fusion 360 to design this. You can use anything you want and I will give you a cut list after this is all over so you really don't need anything if that is what you want.


Parts needed to build.

Wood I used 1/2" pine but any wood could be used for this project. You are going to have to have about 2 board feet of wood.

Glue to put it all together. A saw (I have a chop saw and a table saw but you could get by with the table saw). Leather to coat the bottom of the catch and something to coat the bottom of the catch with. Super 77 (a spray on contact cement for this application) or any contact cement will do. I used axle's for toy trucks that I build for Old News Boys (a Christmas time toy give away for underprivileged children). This project will take 18 axles but it is better if you have 20 on hand in case you loose one or break one. You can look them up on Google and will find all kinds of them I purchased the ones for a 1/8" hole. I also used a 3D printer to build the battlements but you could also do this out of wood. Again with the 3D printer I found a dragons head and adjusted it for the front of the dice box. You are also going to have to have some dowel center punches. You can find them at a lot of different places and I have a couple of sets as there are only two each of the sizes in the set.

Step 1: Getting Started.

I am not going to go through how all of the parts are made as this would take a long time. There are plenty of videos on line to look at to figure out how to use Fusion 360. Lars Christensen is my favorite youtube videoer for this program though they have a lot of other people who can show you some pretty neat stuff. Take a look and see what I am talking about.

Another thing about Fusion 360 is that it is free to hobbiests and students as long as they are not making over 100K a year with the program. At that point you are just stealing and you should be paying for the program.

Here are the files you are going to need to build the dice tower.

Battlements.stl (this is for the 3D printer) you will find this file above.

You are going to need a dragon head or some similar item to class it up (this is optional) I went to and printed a small dragon head that you can put on the front. I built it to be 30mm x 30mm or about an inch and an eight by an inch and an eight. I painted this and then put it on with some glue. Take a look around and see what dragons head you want or you may want to go with something different. Because of this I did not add the dragons head to this as they are easy to find. If you do not have a 3D printer or have a friend with one you can always have these printed by many different places at a cost.

I added a picture of the sides of the dice roller. There is a lot of dimensions there and they are all in inches. The sides are 4" by 8.5" by .5". If you stack two together you should be able to drill them together and be done with this part of the project.

The back of the dice roller is 2.5" wide and 8.5" tall. Again all parts are made from .5" material.

Insert the dowel transfer punches into one side along the back.You should put all of the holes in one side before assembling the side and doing a similar position on the other side. In this way you will ensure that it will all fit together correctly. I Using a mallet or your hand even you can bump the board once it is in position to get some reference marks. You can then be assured that the holes are going to be correct.

The front of the tower where the dragon or other paraphernalia will be is going to be .5" thick and 4.5" tall and again 2.5" wide.

On the front at the bottom the part will be 1.375" and 2.5" wide and again .5" thick.

The bottom plate that drops the dice into the box is going to be 4.5" as shown in the drawing above.

The top angled plate should be around 3.125" long. All of these dimensions are not important as long as they fit together and the dice will roll through the tower. After placing the back and the fronts you can then take a ruler and mark the angles of the roller. If they are not perfect that is okay as long as the dice won't get stuck in the tower. Trim up the angles on the table saw or if you have one on the chop saw. Now you can continue to mark where the holes need to be with the dowel transfer punches.

Once you have one side done put it all together and then use the transfer punches on the other side. I made the end box 1.5" tall and 5" long and again 2.5" wide.

I used glue and a some small nails to put the end box together. If you wanted you could use additional axles.

After it is all done you can paint it to what ever you want. I am not much of a painter but thought that a metal look with some types of brick pattern would look nice.

I built the dragon head out of white material and painted it green. You need to have a light color to make the darker colors show up right. It is hard to make a black part white. I added some red to the tongue and the eyes.

This is a fairly fast project as long as you have the parts and can use the dimensions shown.

Good luck

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