Introduction: Rolled Garden Beef....Smoked & Grilled

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This is a great dish for parties and foodies!

Step 1: First We Marinate

This is a take on a obscure South American dish that actually calls for a rare to find muscle found around the goats stomach....However in New York a skirt steak works just fine!

Step 1. you want to use a knife to carefully butterfly the meat (cut open like a book)

Then you want to pound it with a mallet to not only flatten evenly but to help tenderize the meat.

After all this you get to marinate..... I like to use olive oil, white vinegar, fresh garlic and rosemary.

Also add black pepper,...but no salt at this point.

---marinate for 24 hours

Step 2: The Garden Stuffings

Step 2.

After the 24 hour marination take the meat out and lay it out flat. Gather your accessible veggies.....hopefully a few from your garden!

Step 3: Make Food Art

Step 3

Layout the veggies in the most artistic fashion,...cause it makes for nice photo's!

Step 4: Season

Now is when you will want to add some more black pepper and your favorite sea salt, favorite is a hand farmed grey sea salt from Ireland....can find on Amazon.

Step 5: Tie

Well I was unable to film and tie at the same time so I suggest you check out youtube!

I did use butchers twine to tie the meat closed

Step 6: Smoke It Up

My first cooking step is to smoke the roll for 4 hours at 107F I used mesquite wood to do so.

Step 7: Dinner Time!

Final step is to take the smoked beef roll and throw it on the grill, basically want to sear the outside for flavor and color, should be cooked by now!

Bon Appetite~!

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