Rolled News Paper Coasters

Introduction: Rolled News Paper Coasters

Old News papers at home can be recycled to make coaster by rolling them to suitable shape

In this instructable we will make a coaster made with old new paper

Step 1: Cut Paper Into Strips

  • Take old news paper, fold them and cut into 4 inch wide strips

Step 2: Roll Paper Strips

  • Using long skewer, roll the strips to long thin pieces
  • Apply glue at end and stick the rolled paper

Make few of these rolled paper and keep aside

Step 3: Make Coaster

  • Now take one long rolled paper and start rolling in a round shape
  • Continue rolling by applying glue at intervals, otherwise the strip may come loose
  • When the required diameter is rolled, strip loose end and apply glue

Our coasters made with old news papers are ready. Keep your cup of coffee on this and save your table

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