Introduction: Roller Coaster Riders Costume

I decided this year I was going to make an entrance. I had seen a video and thought this is perfect "Roller Coaster costume" I told my boyfriend what my plans were and he was on board, so I got to work. Once I got the supplies together it went very quickly. I wanted to make something that would stop everyone and make them laugh.

Cost : Approx. $30

Supplies list:
22x22 extra large heavy duty moving box $5.00

Adhesive spray $6.00

2 x red Plastic table cloth $1.00

Aluminum foil several sheets

Glue gun and glue 2 x 22" 1" pvc pipe $3.00

4 x 90 degree 1" elbow fitting $5.00

3 pool noodles - I like the extra fat ones $9.00

Red duct tape

Sharpie marker


Step 1: Find the Perfect Box

I tried searching for a box that would work for free. Save yourself the time and trouble and buy a moving box to fit you. If you have access to boxes that is awesome, I just don't.

I cut hole in two of the flaps to put the pvc through for the back top support and harness attachment.

I cut another set of hole for the front brace.

I then measured from my shoulders to my hip bones to cut the top flap to fold at the proper height.

Cut off excess flap so there is enough comfortable room for me in the box with the flap down to support the legs and look like a seat. Make sure you make the flap low enough so that when the fake legs are on it hits the correct height to your body for the best effect.

I remeasured the waist harness bar and adjusted the holes and then fine tuned the silhouette.

Step 2:

I used spray adhesive and a cheap rectangular table cloth from Wally World to cover rather than paint. No dry time and no lingering smell. I used the spray adhesive on one side and laid the plastic, and smoothed it out. I then turned to the box to the next side and then continued the same, spray a side and then lay the plastic table cloth. I then sprayed the inside and covered that in plastic also. As you can see the inside is a bit rough. The inside was tough once the spray was on because you have to hit all sides and it kept sticking where I did not want it. My tip would be to measure and cut each panel before placing. As you can see I didn't but the inside waist area I was not worried about. For a from visual barrier of your feet you can add a short skirt of black garbage bag or table cloth to the front 3 sides and make sure to trim so you don't trip.

Step 3: Diamond Plate

I was so happy with how the diamond plate worked out, and it really sold the look. People could not believe it was glue and tinfoil.

I looked up diamond plate on google and found an image I like. Since I did not was to spend hours drawing on plate I used a business card for the length measure so it a was larger pattern and less marks to make. I then used a large stick hot glue gun to make each mark raised. I only did the pattern on the front and not the flap, as the legs will be moving on them all night.

Measure and cut tinfoil to cover the flap and front.

I sprayed the flap and front with spray adhesive and laid the pre measured tinfoil on. I used a rolled up sock to smooth and press the tinfoil on. I knew that if I used my fingers I was more apt to rip the tinfoil. It worked perfectly no tears or holes.

(Disclaimer: this picture was taken after a night of drunken debauchery, and the tinfoil stood up really well. )

Step 4: The Harness

I then measured and cut the pool noodles to fit properly.

Using rope to attach them to the bar with loops on either end of the pool noodles. I cut the rope with enough excess to make large enough loops to still slide on smoothly along the pvc pipe. Make a loop and fasten with a thin strip of duct tape. Slide the rope into the noodle and then make another loop at the end leaving enough play in the rope for movement and fasten with duct tape.

Slide the noodle loops on the to pvc pipe and attach to box using the pvc elbow fittings.

I cut another piece of pool noodle for a spacer and sliced it so I did not have to remove the harness to add it on.

I covered my pvc with the red duct tape so that it blended into the costume.

Step 5: Legs

The legs are made of 1 and 1/4 pool noodles

So that the legs are believable you have to have hips. Girls got them, guys got them, hell even demons have them. Needless to say make a hip bar and thread the rope through it . For a rough estimate of rope length just make it is tall as you are.

Cut the thighs shorter than the lower leg.

cut on 3/4 length of your foot and then slice longways to make the feet.

put a knot in one end then thread on lower leg, then one thigh, the hips and then thigh, lower leg, foot. Do not sting so tight the legs can not bend. Leave play in the rope so you can pose your legs should you so desire.

I then added jeans and an old pair of shoes.

Step 6: Folds Flat for Storage!

By making the harness removeable it makes this item foldable and easy to store.

Add the elbows on the pvc pipe to hold noodles and all parts in place.

The one addition or change I will make is adding a regular sized pool noodle to the back pvc bar from cushioning on my neck.

Step 7: Add Some Friends and Enjoy!

It is fun on it's own but add a few more for a fun time.

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