Introduction: Rolling Bike Tree (Mobile PVC Cactus)

This build solved two problems for me; first, it allowed me a place to store two bikes when not in use, and second, it allowed me the freedom to roll them around the garage/driveway when cleaning or needing extra room in the garage to work on current projects.  Having a single car garage, the need for mobility is of utmost importance.  The total cost for this build is under $25, excluding the thrift store office chair.

Step 1: Materials:

(1) Thrift store office chair, the more legs the better.
(1) One 2" piece of PVC approximately 4' in length (height dependent on bikes used)
(1) 2" to 1.5" PVC reducer
(1) 1.5" PVC tee
(1) 1.5" PVC four way piece
(1) 6' piece of 1.5" PVC length
(8) 1.5" PVC 90 degree pieces (possibly more/less depending on design)
(4) 1.5" PVC 45 degree pieces (possibly more/less depending on design)
(4) 1.5" PVC caps (purely for aesthetics)

Step 2: Liberating the Base

Remove office chair base:  typically, the chair will have a pin or clip holding the chair strut to the rolling base.  Remove said pin and free chair from legs.  You now have a really cool rolling base and a completely useless chair. Donate the remaining chair carcass to someone who only has a really cool rolling base and is need of something to put on top of it, or just toss it out.

Step 3: Making PVC Dust (making All Your Cuts, But One)

Joining pieces:
Using a saw, preferably a miter saw with a jig(block of wood), cut 16- 2.25" long pieces of 1.5" PVC from the 6' stock piece.  These will be used to join the majority of the angles and tee's together.  I chose the 2.25" length because this allows the pieces to be joined with no gap, allowing for a joint with more structural integrity.

Tree branches:
Now is a good time to cut your branches(you already have a mess to clean up).  Using same saw set-up, adjust jig and make 4 branches approximately 7" long.  Your branch length may be different as it is determined by the width of your handle bars and how far your pedals protrude from your frame.  My advice is to measure both bikes, find out the length of the longest protrusion, handle bars more than likely, and add two inches to this measurement.  Then adjust your branch length keeping this figure in mind.  Cut all four the same size regardless- you want the weight to be evenly distributed over the base.

Tree trunk:

Do not cut the trunk at this time.  Once everything is dry-fitted and tested, the exact height will be easier to determine.

Step 4: Dry-fit and Tweek

Now is the fun part: Dry fit all your pieces together and see the PVC cactus unfold before your very eyes.

* Place 2" PVC pipe onto your rolling base
* Install reducer unto 2" piece
* Install one of the adapter pieces into the reducer and attach the other end to the 1.5" four-way piece
* Install an adapter piece into the top of the four way and connect to the bottom of the tee
* Install adapter pieces into all of the four holes remaining and connect 4-90 degree pieces onto   these
* Now install the "branch" pieces into the 90 degree pieces
* Connect the remaining 90 degree pieces and 45 degree pieces together with adapters
* Install adapters into both ends of the pieces you just made
* Connect the 45 degree end of the sub piece to the 90's on the tree
* Cover all ends with caps

Now twist and tweak all pieces until you feel happy and warm inside.

After you are satisfied, carefully measure and cut the final piece( the trunk).

Step 5: Glue/bond All Pieces (Grand Finale)

Carefully glue and bond all pieces according to your dry fit / test run.

*It may help to snap a photo or mark your pieces so the correct design and alignment will end up on your finished product*

After the glue has dried, test and enjoy your new PVC Cactus.

For a super snazzy finish, you may choose to paint your new tree; I recommend Krylon Plastic paint.

ENJOY!! Let me know how this works for you.

Thanks for viewing my first Instructable, a special thanks to my girlfriend for lending her grammatical expertise!!

* **The word piece or pieces was used 28 times in this Instructable.***