Introduction: Rolling Door Hardware

I have a hay shed and equipment shed that needs doors that can roll to the side.

I made this hardware using 2 inch by 3/16 angle iron, in-line skate wheels and 1 ½ by ¼ flat bar. The wheels are reshaped to ride along the angle iron held in place by a groove formed along the wheel edge.

Step 1: Modify the Wheels

Secure the wheels along a jig that will hold then against the 3/16 router cutter.

Turn the wheel so that the cutter forms a groove in the edge of the wheel.

Step 2: Shape the Metal

Heat and bend the flat bar leaving a 2 ½ inch by 1 inch wide bend.

Drill the flat bar so that a bolt can suspend the wheel freely.

Step 3: Put It Together

Attach the wheel including a washer to the bent flat bar.

Drill holes for the bolts that hold the hardware to the door.

Drill a ¼ inch hole just below the angle iron for a bold and washer that will keep the wheel from jumping off the track.