BB-8 Droid Ornament

Introduction: BB-8 Droid Ornament

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In a galaxy far far away there was a little annoying droid. This little guy can easily be turned into a Christmas ornament.

I made this for my husband to hang on the tree this year.

Step 1: Supplies

Most of these supplies you can find at your local craft store or in your junk drawer.

You will need:

1 - screw eye

1 - wooden 1/2 sphere

1 - wooden ball

Black, white, orange paint

2 vinyl screw caps (one bigger than the other)

Paint brushes

Wooden dowel

O-Rings or circle stamp

Silver paint pen

Strand of ribbon

Hot glue gun

Step 2: Piece and Paint

Start by drilling a hole on the under side of your 1/2 sphere and in the top of your ball to fit a small dowel rod into. Dab some wood glue on each end of the rod and connect the two wooden pieces.

You can paint all of these separately :

The droid pieces white

The O rings in orange (you might have to mix brown to get a cheeto-colored orange)

Paint the vinyl plugs black

Sit back and wait for everything to dry.

Step 3: Details

With a silver paint pen draw a circle on the top of the droids head. Let dry then

screw on a screw eye.

Paint an incomplete orange circle just below the silver one then near the bottom lip of the head paint another incomplete circle with three lines to the right of the end of the line.

Hot glue on his orange o rings in a soccer ball pattern. Paint four orange dots inside the circle and draw silver plate pieces with the silver pen.

Lightly draw connecting lines between each o ring with the silver paint pen

Step 4: Eyes and Ribbon

Hot glue on your black painted vinyl plugs for his eye lens things.

The third tiny black dot is just the end of a paint brush dipped in black and dotted on under the biggest lens.

A clear coat wouldn't hurt at this point.

Tie a decorative ribbon through the eye screw and there you have it.

Hang this little dude on the Christmas tree and dream of next December when you can actually go see Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Can't wait for the new movie! And good tutorial.


    7 years ago

    This droid was actually the first concept art for r2d2 back in the 70s