Rolling Rock Spartan

Introduction: Rolling Rock Spartan

I created this costume to combine my love of Armor with my love of Rolling Rock. I used the cardboard beer boxes to construct this knight. For the torso armor I cut the boxes into diamond pieces and attached them together using twist ties. I attached the pieces to make a chain-mail type armor that is form fitting to my body and made it easier to move around. Each piece I also covered in crystal clear packing tape to make it water resistant.
For the skirt I cut the boxes into half circles and twist tied them together, and they are all attached to the bottom of the armor using Velcro.  The shield is my favorite part of the costume. I cut the cardboard into long triangles, and twist tied them together with a slight overlap to give it a unique look.
The hardest part of the costume was the helmet, I had to cut out small, thin pieces of the box and tape them together in strips to make the feather top.
I built this costume to be more comfortable and easier to move around in.

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