Introduction: Rolling Storage Unit

This is not done yet but I seen the 2x4 contest so please bear with me.

Step 1: Rolling Storage Unit

If I new that I was going to put this in an Instructable I would have taken more pic's but I had no idea that this was going to happen. The main reason that I built this is because I moved into a 1 bedroom Apartment with no where to store all my items that I had left from my divorce. So I came up with this so I could lock everything up and keep it safe.

Step 2: Rolling Storage Unit

This is the first go at this and when I started it I was thinking that I would make it high enough so I could stand up in it (I'm 6'2").

Step 3: Rolling Storage Unit

I had to go scraping to find the plywood for the walls so I had a 4x8 bench that I had in my shop that I took with me from the divorce and it had 2 4x8 sheets of 3/4" particle board on top of it and I used 1 sheet to build a shelf for inside my apartment before I got to building this. So I cut the sheet down the center long ways to give me 2 sheets 2ft by 8ft for the side walls. And for the rest of it I got from friends that had pieces laying around that they give me for free and started piecing them in.

Step 4: Rolling Storage Unit

At this point with the shell on top I had to square everything up the best I could and mount the shell to the walls.

Step 5: Rolling Storage Unit

At this point I started building in the door big enough to take big items in and out of it.

Step 6: Rolling Storage Unit

Ok I know everything looks different here and it does because I had to undo everything that I did prier to this and the reason is because I'm a big dummy and didn't think about how high it got to be and how top heavy it was. So I took everything back apart and started over again. I didn't get any pictures of that because I was so mad at myself for what I did. I'm so sorry about that but at the time I was not thinking about doing this either. So what I did was I took the old heavy fiberglass shell and cut it up into small pieces so I could handle them by myself and threw them into the dumpster and then cut the walls down to 2ft high then went scrounging for a aluminum shell and dropped about 3/4 of the weight. Once I did all that everything went together real smooth.

Step 7: Rolling Storage Unit

Once everything was going good again I built in the door and closed it in. It's not done yet but I set the door to the right instead of centering it because I have both my welders on the left and the cutting torch tanks on the right so everything fit better that what I thought it would. I still have to finish the trim and the lights inside. With everything that I have in it and the lighter shell it is not so top heavy and it worked out great.

This is my very first instructable so please vote for me.

Please leave some good comments and I will try to come up with something else to make an Instructable out of.

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