Introduction: Rolling Work Light

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I like to have lots of light when working on vehicles or different projects.  I got tired of having to hold or find a place to hang a trouble light, so I built a rolling spotlight.  This is an easy project that will take about 1/2 hour to build.


1 - Halogen Spot Light
1 - Length of 1/2" threaded gas pipe
1 - Straight 1/2" threaded connector
1 - 1/2" threaded pipe, 2" in length
1 - 1/2"  threaded conduit junction box with access panel
1 - Length of 3/4" pipe
4 - Hose clamps
2 - Metal hooks
1 - Bolt
1 - Long extension cord with male end
1 - Old rolling office chair base.


Start by taking the length of 3/4" pipe, (the length is your choice.)  Drill a couple of holes about 4" up from the bottom.  Drill the holes about 3" apart.  Once you have the holes drilled, cut out the metal between the holes to form a slot.  This is where you will run the extension cord up to the light.  About an inch from the top, drill a hole and tap some thread into it.  In this hole thread in a bolt.  This will allow you to adjust the height of the spotlight.  Now you can install the hooks to hold the cord.  I had a couple of aluminium hooks that I bent and attached with couple of hose clamps.  On toward the top and one towards the bottom of the 3/4" pipe.  For the one I made, the 3/4" pipe fit snug over the chair base post.

Now take the 1/2" threaded gas pipe, again the length is your choice.  Thread on the straight through connector on the top of the pipe and on top of that thread in the 2" piece.  On top of the 2" piece, thread on the 1/2" junction box.  On the top of the junction box, thread in the spotlight.  Open the cover of the access panel and run the wire from the spotlight to the junction box. Take your extension cord and run it up the 3/4" pipe through the slot you cut into it.  Run the cord through the 3/4' pipe and through the 1/2" gas pipe up to the junction box.  Connect the extension cord to the wires from the spotlight.  Once this is done, close up the cover and you are done.  

I used a long cord so I can plug it in anywhere in my shop.  Need light, roll it over, adjust the height and plug it in.

Thanks for looking and check out my other submission.

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