Rolling Your Own Cigarette -Tobacco




Introduction: Rolling Your Own Cigarette -Tobacco

Smoking in any fashion, is harmful for our health. No question on this fact! If you are still insisting on smoking, rolling your own is a less dangerous yet x100 tasteful alternative.

Step 1: Preparation - Supplies - Philosophy

First of all you'll need rolling paper, tobacco and filter of your choice and taste. In this instructable i'll use samson tobaccos that i tenderize with apple and pear peels. Of course you can use ~ a tablespoon of whiskey or vodka for 50 gr. of tobacco in the tenderizing process. I also use OCB ultra slim filters and Gizeh extra slim papers.

Step 2: Putting All Things Together

I prefer slim cigarettes so I may recommend you to take a little pinch of tobacco and roll it "with" the filter. It's crucial not to put too much tobacco. Rolling with filter-not putting it later- is also crucial to avoid smoke leak from the bottom through the filter.

Step 3: Rolling

It is not hard to roll a cigarette and practice makes perfect! There are certain tips that you should consider. Rolling with filter makes rolling easier and "healthier" I may say. Smoking without filter is not my thing but here I'm saying that even if you smoke with filter, it's best to roll with it, not putting filter after rolling. I must add that I'm fond of smoking tasty, aromatic and relatively moist tobaccos. So my tobacco is not dry and it easily takes the cigarette form with rolling several times up and down. When the shape and density of tobacco is ok, it's time to wet the glue and give a final roll. In this step if you carefully begin rolling from the bottom (where the filter is) and roll the filter with a stiff an concrete manner, the rest will follow easily and with the help of your thumb tips it will get the shape of a perfect slim cigarette. I'm using both hands while rolling but no pics while doing that, I'm taking photos with the other sorry.

Step 4: Finishing

After rolling your cigarette a final step for stiffness and density is needed. It's enough to give 3-4 tipping and you are ready to smoke.

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    Question 5 years ago on Step 1

    Explain this tenderizing process please. Do you use only the peels? And do you leave it in the pouch? How long?


    7 years ago