Introduction: Rolling Toolbox Orginizer

About: I'm a diesel mechanic, that enjoys tinkering on just about anything. Mostly home/personal auto repair, as well as making things that are useful to me and my family/friends.

I don't have a whole lot of room in my little two car garage to have things spread out like I would want them.  So I came up with this idea to make my tool box and other needed items for auto maintenance easily accessible and mobile.  The following is a basic outline of what I did to make life a little easier. 

Step 1:

I had come up with about 30' of 1" square tube for free (damaged goods that no one wanted and they were going to throw it out!) already had the tool box.  A friend of mine gave me the metal grid that you can see in the finished product which I used to make the bottom shelf and to keep everything there inside the cart.  Only parts for the cart that i had to buy was the casters (they got changed later to a larger size!) So this cart cost me a grand total of $10 to make!

Step 2:

1. Here I built the end caps that the tool box actually sit on. 
2. Doing a test fit of the ends to make sure it's what I want!
3. Close up of the end, and how it holds the bottom of the box.
4. The top of the cart (where the box sits) finished!  I added some diagonal braces for rigidity.
My apologizes that I do not have between pics of the top being built, my photographer (ME!) was slacking off during those stages!

Step 3:

1. Basic cart frame completed.
2. Added in some "hooks" for my car ramps.
3. Test fit of the ramps to make sure they sit the way I want.

Step 4:

Finished product!  Except for the chop saw I have everything I need to work on the cars close at hand!
1. Jack stands hang on one end.
2. Creeper on the other end.

I also keep my oil drain pan and filter rack for the pan in the bottom with the jack.