Introduction: Roman Gladiator Helmet for Dogs

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This is a Roman Gladiator Helmet that I made for one of my dogs. It's a fun project to make for a pet.

Poster Board
Thin peice of metal (I used the metal peice of a Clip Board that broke)
Super Glue
Elmer's Washable Glue or Elmer's Wood Glue
Clay, Small peices of Balsa Wood, or Paper Clips
Small Balsa Wood Sticks
Gold Spray Paint (or Silver)
Red Yarn (or feathers)
Black Water Color (Optional)

Measuring Tape

Make sure you measure your dogs head first, so that you will have a better idea of how everything is going to fit.

Step 1:

The first thing you want to do is hammer out the piece of metal into the size of your dog's head. When you finally get that right, you need to form the shape of the helmet with the poster board. You can either draw the whole shape flattened out on the poster board or cut and paste until you achieve the right shape. Glue the poster board onto the metal plate with super glue.

Step 2:

After your done with the shape of your helmet, you need to coat the entire thing in glue. For this I used Elmer's wood glue because it is thicker. This is to smoothen all the edges. Under the helmet I used peices of a belt that I don't use anymore to make it more comfortable for my dog.

Step 3:

Now you need to build the top part that with poster board. After that you need to make some small planks of wood to paste on the sides of the top of the helmet. This is to add some detail. You can also use clay. Make sue you cover the added parts in Elmer's glue.

Step 4:

You need to cut the belt into long straps. I used super glue to paste them on. This will keep the helmet on your dogs head. I put a pair in the front and a pair in the back.

Use clay, paper clips, or small peices of wood to form the detailed work on the sides of the helmet. I used clay but for the best results it is best to use paper clips. Just unravel the paper clips and use pliers to form the desired shape. You may use super glue to glue the peices on. If you are using clay and after the peice is on the helmet it starts to crack a little, just cover it in Elmer's Washable glue. This will fill in the cracks. When making the design I used random shapes. Make sure you continuously cover new shapes with the Elmer's Glue to make sure everything stays put.

After spray the entire thing in Gold spray paint.

Step 5:

Last I glued small balsa wood sticks in the inside the top of the helmet to act as helpers to make the yarn stand up better. I cut red yarn into strips, folded it and pasted it inside the top of the helmet. I made It longer than I needed so that I could it into the way I wanted. 

Step 6:

To make the helmet have an older appearance I painted the entire thing in black water color paint. Then I wiped it off with a wet rag to leave the paint only in the cracks in between the shapes.

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