Romantic Scrapbook Idea (100 Reasons Why I Love You)

Introduction: Romantic Scrapbook Idea (100 Reasons Why I Love You)

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If you partner is into sickeningly sweet/cute romantic gestures then this thoughtful gift will surely make them swoon.   It is essentially a photo album/memory book with a romantic twist.  The theme of the book is 100 reasons why I love you.  

  • Photo album (I used this one)
  • Scissors, glue stick
  • Photos
  • 4 x 6 blank note cards
  • Stickers/clip art
Click here for another romantic gift suggestion of a unique city necklace accompanied by a diy map frame.

Step 1: Make a List and Print Photos

First make a list of all the things that make you love your partner.  These can be big or small, inside jokes, memories, qualities, etc. Print out photos that you want to include in the album and then make sure to write love cards to go with them (ex. "I love relaxing days at the beach with you" followed by 3 photos of you guys at the beach).  I like to order my prints online through CVS photo because they always have coupons available.

I love....
- you because...
- how you...
- it when you...
- the way you...
- going to the ___ with you
- ___ing with you
- your....
- the fact that you...
- that we...
- etc., etc (get creative)

For examples of completed lists see here, here, here, here, here, or here.

Step 2: Create the Cards and Print Decorations

Then write all the reasons on individual cards.  Mine feature the number of the card in the left corner and "I love..." on the right.  Underneath that goes the reason.  I leave a blank space for the number and print those out separately so that I can rearrange the cards if I want to.  You can write these out by hand or type them on a computer (I used "Pages" on my mac)

If you are doing this on a computer you can print four 4x6 rectangles and cut them out, or adjust your settings and printer to print directly onto note cards.  I printed black and white clip art directly onto the cards so I wouldnt have to deal with cutting out and glueing as many pieces.

Step 3: Decorate and Wrap

Buying stickers can quickly add up, so to save money I printed out clipart that I glued into the margins and then supplemented with stickers.  I also printed out though and speech bubbles with quotes.

Arrange all the cards and photographs and add the numbers at the end, once the order is finalized.  Fill the margins with your decorations and you are done.

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