Introduction: MakE a LOvE FoRT!

Want to really surprise your lover this year? Make something unforgettable. Its simple yet very impressive. Here are the things you will need:

Curtains, large sheets, scarfs or loose fabric
Some type of heavy duty rope, such as twine
Safety pins (at least 4)
A long wooden panel\stud whatever you want to call it ( any length you want) i used 3 foot.
4 screw on screw closed hooks ( medium sized will do) Photo on page 2
Measuring tape is handy

Decorations I used: Pillows, blanket, christmas lights-(This makes all the diff), cut out paper hearts, candles and flowers and music.

Step 1: First Step

First step:

Find a corner and with your framing stud\panel i used 36 inches but if you have space, the longer it is, the bigger the fort.

Cut approximately 2 very long strands (depends on how high or low you want the fort to be) of string and tie knot well. I recommend tying it by going around a few times and then knotting it.  
Also I ended up sliding the twine 1 inch from each end, in the picture the strings should be closer to the edges.

Step 2: 2nd Step

Using the length of your wooden panel as a guide, screw in the screws to the ceiling on both opposite sides. (As shown in the photo i made my first mark at the very end of the wall.)

Then take your wooden panel and link it to the screws. I recommend making a heavy duty knot as shown in the picture. 

By now it should look like my drawing in the last photo.

I would recommend not making your fort but so tall so your sheets touch the ground, otherwise you'll have to layer them a lot.

See all photos for reference.

Step 3: 3rd Step-- Add Sheets

Start by  adding your sheets or scarfs. I used curtains that weren't large enough  to cover both sides so i attached two together with safety pins and layered some more on top of them for more color and disguise. Then i added a huge white sheet over it and decorated it.

Step 4: 4th Step- Time for Curtsy

Once you've placed the sheets onto your panel measuring approx. 2-feet-(but you be the judge) down from your panel in front, and expand the sheets with safety pin through of the sheets.  (as if you were giving a curtsy with your dress) This will give you an indication as to where to screw the screws from the ceilings on each side. The wider you make it the nicer and bigger ithe fort will appear.

Attach the string to the safety pin  going through the sheets and let it hang.

Step 5: 5th- Decorate

I felt like i needed to do something with the white sheets so i cut out some red hearts from an old xmas bag and cardboard. It would also be a good idea to put up photos of your loved one.
You can also imprint your lips, or attach actual objects, anything you see laying in the house to make it more personable.

Step 6: Decorate Inside!

The best part is to decorate the inside of your masterpiece.  Add as many pillows as you can,  put on some music, lights, make some hot coco or drink some wine and tell them how fun it was to build this for them!
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