Introduction: Rooftop Garden Design: Ohm Sweet Ohm

About: I'm a home and garden designer in NYC specializing in roof gardens, rooftop terraces, backyards, and interior design projects.
We designed this rooftop garden for a yoga studio on Manhattan's Upper West Side.   The planters are filled with beautiful, sinuous Japanese maples that were hand-selected for  grace and form.  A soft green layer of moss tops all of the planters, adding a wonderful finishing texture evocative of a forest floor.  The custom-built wood deck, planters, bench, and fencing are stained a warm and inviting golden brown color. This garden also contains coralbark maples, a Zen/rock garden, and many flowering perennials that attract butterflies.  All of the planters contain drip irrigation lines that water the plants on an automatic timer.  Low-voltage lighting lines run through all of the planters as well, providing soft nighttime up-lighting of the plants.  What a beautiful spot to practice yoga, relax and feel blissful!  Check out the "before" photo of this garden and read more about our other NYC garden design projects on our blog,