Introduction: Room Divider Future Theatre Room

Hello my fellow Instructables this is my DIY Room Divider and future theatre room I went with barn doors because of the space having regular doors would waste some space and having sliding doors inside the wall cavity was too expensive the doors I'm using are second hand they used to be white but I prefer natural wood color


the 1st thing we need is floor plans,2x4 framing studs, wall screws, Gyprock panels Wall glue, paint, plaster, drop saw,

sawhorses, drill, and drill bits, silicone, door frame, barn doors, and hardware, wood trim, molding, laser tool, ladder,

masking tape, pencil, tape measure,

Step 1:

measure the floor and walls, then attach the framing wood to the ceiling making sure is straight I used the laser for this

once you have a frame top and sides, build the frame on the floor and raise it up, when done making sure is completely straight and leveled, to secure the wood to the floor drill on top of the wood using a drill bit for tiles or use a strong glue like liquid nails. " I make the floor using masking tape "

Step 2:

once the frame is completed my next step was to reinforce the door frame I then proceed to install the gyprock on the outside of the room, apply the tape and mud

Step 3:

on the other side install the insulation, electrical cables, and power points, gyprock, tape, and mud, installed the door frame, paint the walls and wood trims,

Step 4:

on the outside install, the hardware for the barn doors making sure is leveled and in the middle, then I prepare the doors

install the hardware, stained the doors with a clear natural wood stain, I then drill the floor and installed a pin for the door tracks, the final step was to paint the walls and wood trims,