Introduction: Room Divider From Louvered Bi-Fold Doors

This house is small, and from the entrance, and living area, one can see the entire (albeit tiny) kitchen, as well as the side of the giant fridge, and the food on top of it. I had some old louvered bi-fold doors in my garage, so I decided to turn them into a room divider.

Step 1: Not Much to It

There's really not. The doors had a thick shiny varnish, so I sanded it off. I removed the knobs and patched the holes with sheetrock putty. I took the middle hinge from each door, and put them in the middle to connect them all. (Make sure to do it on the opposite side, so it zig-zags, instead of making a box.) I painted the doors, and put it together.

Step 2: Before and After

Here are a few before and after shots of the area.
I hope this inspires someone.
As always, thanks for any comments, ratings etc.,
and thanks for looking.