Room Sign



Introduction: Room Sign

For this project I decided to make a decorative sign that will tell you what room you are in but in a very creative way. It will have bright colors, lights, and much more to come.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The materials you will need to complete this project are:

- Wood

- Cardstock

- x-acto knife/box cutter

- Spray paint/normal paint

- Cameo cutter

- Paint brushes

- Tape

- Nails

- Electric saw

- Pen/pencil


- Stickers

- Glitter

- Lights

- Scissors

Step 2: Step by Step Process

1. Collect your materials

2. Cut your cardboard into smaller pieces to be made into stencils with the Cameo cutter

3. Select your shapes and pictures to cut out with the Cameo cutter

4. Cut out your stencils

5. Take your pieces of wood and cut them into the shape, length, and width that you would like (my dimensions are)

6. Put your pieces together using nail, screws, and or wood glue

7. Place your stencils over your wood in the order that you want them in

8. Tape them down

9. Use spray paint/normal paint to fill in your stencils

10. Let it dry

11. Either hand write or use stencils to create your words

12. Let dry completely

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