Introduction: Room in Room

Cozy, all-in-one bed tent that makes your winter warmer without overpriced gas bill- integrated lap top stand and phone theater inside. Let's find out how went about designing, prototyping, and testing this to produce the finalized version of Room in Room!

Step 1: Designing

Outline what your tent is going to look like. Be specific!

Label dimensions, plan for the locations of the poles, predict the locations of the windows, the entrance size, etc. Be sure to think about all four sides of the tent. Your final product is not going to be one dimensional. : )

Step 2: Cutting, Cutting, Cutting

This step takes hours after hours, mostly because you have to be exact!

Use your sketch to plan for the pieces you need to cut out.

For the fabric, I used TC (Tetron Cotton) because it's not only soft and gentle on your skin but also environmentally friendly.

Step 3: Sewing!

Use the pieces cut out from the previous step. Use your sketch to put together the pieces. Use the sewing machine because otherwise, it will take you years to complete!

Step 4: Placing Poles

I used aluminum 6061 poles because of its strong and flexible quality. The poles have to be the ones that are flexible because the tent is somewhat curved on the roof.

Step 5: Decorate Your Own Tent

1. I made small movie theater inside so that you can place your phone or your tablet to watch movie in your bed comfortably.

2. I made lap top stand (also convertible to a desk with wooden platform) to make my own private work station inside the tent.

3. You can also hang strip light inside (or led light bars/hanging lamp).

4. You can decorate your tent in any way you want!

You can find mine at