Introduction: Roomba Bot the Bulider

Bot the Builder is a roomba, that with "grabbers" attached to the front will be able to move objects around. The code with it is set to record the first movement with a GUI box that you can control with just the click of your mouse. After the first run, the bot can be set to do exactly what it did the first time on loop!

Step 1: Supplies

A roomba that has had the vacuum replaced with a 3D cap

A raspberry Pi that has been connected to the roomba

A camera to fit in the roomba

A power Supply

U-shaped grabbers to place on the front of the roomba

Step 2: Download Roomba Toolbox

Open MATLAB and create a new project folder to keep your project files organized.

NOTE: This code was used for a project that was given, this may not necessarily work the same for you as it did for us.

Run this code, and all of the files should now be stored in your project folder.

Right click anywhere in the 'Current Folder' window in MATLAB, and click the 'Add to Path' to allow MATLAB to locate your files.

To ensure you have the latest version of the toolbox use the code found in picture 3

Step 3: Design Code for Desired Outputs

If you download all three files above, you will be able to control your roomba/Mars Rover like the below video. The first file is the m-file of the code, the second and third files are your actual code that will need to be changed, and edited to your specific roomba. For instance, our roomba was name Roomba 30, so when we would connect to our roomba we would type the cod

r =roomba.30

and that would connect allowing us to run our code.

Step 4: Run and Edit Code Until Perfected

You may need to run your code a few times before you get the turns, and speed, etc. perfected. Different roombas will have different tire slip and will turn more or less depending on the surface you are on. We reccomend test driving the roomba out in an open space as not to run into anything until you get the hang of everything that the roomba is capable of. After getting the hang of your robot, and perfecting your turn angles you can start building!

Step 5: The Final Project

Your final project should look something like the image above, where you will have your roomba, and the grabbers attatched to the front. With the code you perfected, and the robot you have built you'll be ready to start moving things around with just your robot in no time!