Roomba Crane

Introduction: Roomba Crane

With the help of this guide, you will be able to construct a crane that can be driven around as well as raise and lower a (hopefully) fully functional electromagnet.

Step 1: Acquire a Roomba

This will be the base of the crane and give it the ability to move around.

Step 2: Measure Out Wood

The following can be your generic 2x4 lumber:

2x 16 in.
1x 20.5 in.

1x 11.75 in.

1x 4 in.

Step 3: Cut the Wood

Safety is key! How do you plan on enjoying your Roomba Crane if you lose your eyesight while building it? You need to wear at least some form of eye protection, especially when woodworking. Use a miter saw to cut the wood down to size. Also, a little sanding can go a long way.

Step 4: Get a TON of Screws

What, you think this thing is going to hold together on its own?

Step 5: Find a Pulley and an Eye Bolt

These are for the cable (or fishing line)

Step 6: Snag an Arduino

Use the Arduino Guide Book to set up circuits 12 AND 13. Also, you will need to work some computer magic and get both codes to run on the same board.

Step 7: Design a Spool

Use your favorite CAD program to design a spool that will fit on the motor from the Arduino kit.

Step 8: Start the Construction

Remove the wheels from the Roomba so the top cover is fully accessible. Drill one of the 16 in. pieces of wood vertically on top of the Roomba over each of the wheels.

Step 9: Drill Pilot Holes

This is so our wood doesn't split. Using the main picture as a guide, find everywhere the wood will be screwed in, and drill a guide hole using a drill bit that compliments your screws.

Don't forget about the pulley and eye bolt!

Step 10: Screw It All Together

Drill the wood frame together with screws, using the pilot holes as guides to make it easier. At this point, you can go ahead and screw in the motor and Arduino as well.

Step 11: Make an Electromagnet

Wrap an iron nail in insulated copper wire, hook it up to batteries and the relay on the Arduino, and pray that it works. If not, fake it til you make it. Tie it to the end of the fishing wire on the end of the crane and you should be set!

Step 12: Congratulations!

Yay! Hopefully you made it through and your Roomba Crane is actually fully functional!

Step 13:

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    4 years ago

    Cool project, thanks for sharing the details!