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Here's a very simple way to make your own rope baskets. You can find sash cord at your local hardware store. Make assorted rope baskets for storing essentials in the bathroom, for your craft, sewing and knitting supplies, for on the table for cutlery and serviettes - or to give as a gift - the list goes on!


1. Use masking tape to mark your form for the height of the basket. The height of my basket is 12cm.

2. Wrap the remainder of the form with masking tape. This will make it easier to remove the rope basket once finished.

Step 1: Wrap With Rope

3. Start wrapping the cord or rope around the form. Apply hot glue in a thin bead along the bottom cord or rope. Work in small sections so that the glue does not cool and set.

GOOD TO KNOW: Twist the cord or rope slightly so that the glue will be towards the back.

4. Quickly press the cords or rope together, twisting the cord back so that the glue is not visible from the front.

GOOD TO KNOW: As you wrap and glue, wait until the glue cools and sets and place your hand underneath to loosen and prevent the glue sticking to the tape.

5. Continue to wrap and glue until you reach the base of the form.

Step 2: Insert Base

6.Cut a piece of Evowood (Masonite) or hardboard to fit at the base. If you are making a round or oval basket, you could also use rope and glue to shape a base. My form is a rounded rectangle and I decided that a solid base would work better.

7. Carefully continue to wrap the cord or rope so that is wraps around the insert.

8. Apply hot glue as you work your way around the insert. Also add a layer of glue to the rope / base for added strength.

9. To finish off, look for a suitable point to wrap the cord or rope and secure onto the base.

10. Wiggle the form and gently tug on the basket until it releases.

11. For the handles I used the same cord and simply made basic knots.

12. The handles were glued to the side of the basket, on the inside.

And there you have it... an easy way to make your own rope baskets. Visit for more easy home DIY projects.

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