Introduction: Rope From Discarded Textiles

About: Hi! My name is Duco. I am a master industrial design student from The Hague. I developed a concept for a simple rope-making-machine that makes rope from discarded textiles. Please feel free to use this mac…

This is a project for The royal academy of art in The Hague, The Netherlands.

I developed a simple rope making machine that transforms discarded textile strips into a beautiful and rigid rope. As this project was only 20 weeks, I did not finish the project and was not done with experimenting yet. That is why I invite everyone to join this project and come up with applications for the rope!


You will need:

* Woodglue * M6 nuts (9x) * M6 eye bolt 60mm shaft * 3-5mm rope * 30mm screws (6x) * (cordless) drill * lasercutter

Step 1: Please Use This File to Lasercut All Parts

Step 2: Assemble Rope Machine According to the Exploded View

Step 3: Attach the Rope Machine to a Table Using Glue Clamps

Step 4: Attach Securing Part to Table Also Using Glue Clamps

Step 5: Attach Counterweight to the Securing Part and Bearing Part

Step 6: Attach Textile Strips to Rope Making Machine

Step 7: Attach Textile Strips to Bearing Part and Cut Off Access Strip

Step 8: Attach Cordless Drill to the Rope Machine

Step 9: Slide Divider Part Between the Strips

Step 10: Start Spinning the Rope Until a 45 Degree Angle

Step 11: Slowly Move Divider Part Towards Cordless Drill and See the Rope Form

Don't forget to tie off the rope with a piece of electrical tape to prevent unrafeling.

Step 12: Enjoy Working With Your Rope! Try Out Different Applications and Share Them With Me