Rope Hammock Sorry Didn't Get Pics of Process



Introduction: Rope Hammock Sorry Didn't Get Pics of Process

This is my first 'able so go easy sorry didn't get pics of the process. Enjoy

Step 1: Tools

Ok u might need less but I used; 1)Hands(of course) 2)Pencil 3)Tape Measure 4)Knife or sharp rock whatever you have 5)Pliers 6)Staple Gun 7)2x4(2) 8)About 55' of rope 9) Lighter to melt ends of rope *not pictured, drill with butterfly bits

Step 2: Planning

Ok so my deal is that I have to draw out a project before I do it. With me being just shy of 6' so I planned out my hammock for 6'6" long and 2'6" wide. You can make your hammock to fit yourself. Depending on how wide your hammock will be determines how many lines you will have across the 2x4

Step 3: Gettin Started

Ok so first do the math to figure how far apart your ropes have to be and mark them on the face of your 2x4 you might want to take a center punch to mark the holes where you will drill your holes. Alright start by laying out your board and your rope, cut to the desired length and staple your rope to the top of the board where your holes correlate from the face

Step 4: Cross Strands

Now that your lines are layed out cut about a half dozen lines however long your hammock is wide, in my case 2'6". Weave your cross strands under and above your main lines. You'll want to tie your cross strands on your outside main lines to hold every thing together.

Step 5: Finishing

To hang this business I decided to put a few nails in some trees to hold the hammock up. To run the lines from the board to the nail I drilled through the top of the board, doubled up the rope and tied onto the nail. I was torn between using a tarp or a sheet to cover the ropes.

Step 6: Done

Lay down relax enjoy your hammock

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