Introduction: Rope Ladder

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So you need a way to get up and down from your tree house, but you left you ladder at home. Don't worry, just grab some rope and make this cool rope ladder.

Step 1: The Ropes

If you only have one rope, you can just fold it in half and start about 1 ft from the middle. I have used two ropes as it is easier to demonstrate with two different coloured ropes.   

Step 2: The 'S'

Start the first rung by making a 'S' shape with the rope on the right (orange)

Step 3: The Wraping

Now pass the left rope (blue) over the top rope of the orange 'S'. Then under the middle and bottom ropes of the 'S'. You will wrap the blue rope around the three strands of the 'S'. Try to keep the wraps as neat and as tight as possible, this will make for a sturdier ladder. You will need between 8 and 12 full wraps for each rung, depending on the diameter of your rope. 
When you have enough wraps tread the working end of the blue rope through the orange loop sticking out of the end of the rung.

Step 4: Finishing the Rung

Tighten the loop by pulling the orange rope sticking out the left-hand side of the rung. This will hold the blue rope tight and complete the first rung. As you can see the blue and orange ropes have now changed sides. 

Step 5: The Second Rung

For making the second rung, follow the same steps as before but the ropes have changed places. Come down the blue rope about the same distance as the width of the first rung and then  make a 'S' shape with the rope. Pass the orange rope over, under and under the blue 'S'. Make your wrappings with the orange rope. Pass trough the blue loop and tighten by pulling the blue tail. 

Step 6: Finishing Off

Finish the ladder by repeating steps 1-5 until you run out of rope or you reach the desired length. Care should be given that each rung is level and tight. Depending on what rope you use there may be some stretching and it may feel springy when in use.

As with most things, it is best to practice this skill before you need rely on it or make one and store it in your Den or shed until needed. 

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