Introduction: Rope Splicing Fid

This is to make rope splicing fids. Quick simple and easy. Yes, you can buy them for about $10 ea. except here on Maui where I am, and shipping to Hawaii costs more than the item.

You will need:

5 inches for each fid so I made three so 15" of tubing per size.


Dremel Cutoff wheel

Dremel cone stone grinder

Dremel sandpaper grinder


First, buy brake tubing by-the-foot at local auto parts store. I bought 3/16, 1/4 and 5/16. It was steel and will rust so don't store on the boat. Aluminum is better if one can get AL tubing but Lowes/HD was too thin walled from what I saw.

Second, mark 5 inches on each set of tubing.

Third, cut at sharp angle (maybe 30deg.) with cutoff wheel. Use a vice to hold tubing

Fourth, cut base of fid square so you have one pointy end and one square end

Fifth, grind all cuts and dull tip.

Sixth, sand smooth all edges Tips: I left a bit of angle on square end on some fids as it may help push rope in butt end when doing a splice and needing to pull rope through. These can be primed and painted to avoid rusting.