Introduction: Rope Stick Toy for Dogs

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a fetch stick with rope for dogs. Very simple, yet very durable and fun!


For this toy, you will need 2 meters (6 feet) of PPM rope with a 10 mm diameter (or less depending on the size of your dog). When you pick your ropes' colors, keep in mind dogs do not have the same color range as we do, so make sure you pick some that they can spot easily on any surface.

Step 1: Step 1 : Starting the Toy

This toy is a series of crown knots. To make the first one, find the middle of each of your ropes and place them into a cross.

Step 2: Step 2 : Create the Knot

To create the crown knot, take 1 and cross it over 2, then 2 over 3, then 3 over 4 and finally 4 into 1. When you tighten the knot, it should look like in the picture.

Step 3: Step 3 : Keep Weaving!

Repeat this process over and over until you reach the desired length. When you do, cut the remaining parts and burn the ends with a lighter. Et voilà !