Introduction: Rope Bridge Bracelet

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My friend told me that this was so difficult so this led me to this idea.

Step 1: Placing Sides

1) You place the bands on one side(order will not matter)

2) Place bands on the other side

Step 2: Placing the Middle Part 1

1) Place two rubber bands on the lowest level of the loom where the arrow is not facing you(left before right)

2) Keep on doing it until you reach the end

Step 3: Placing the Middle Part 2

1) Put a band in the middle of the two bands(from previous step)

2) Keep on doing it until you reach the end

Step 4: Looping the Middle

1) Loop the right then the left

2) Keep it up! Stop when you reach the end

Step 5: Looping the Sides

1) Loop one side and then the other(order doesn't matter)

Step 6: Knotting One of the End

1) Knot the sides that are looped(make sure the arrow is pointing towards you)

2) Drag the knots to the middle

3) Knot the middle

Step 7: Finishing Touches

1) Now you are ready to pull it out(be gentle or the bands will snap)

2) Just add the extensions and voila, you have completed the bracelet