Introduction: Rosalina's Comet Observatory 3d Model Scene

thank you for looking at and considering my project

Step 1: How I Started

it wasn't easy i had to model each part individually, i started with the green area with the green house it took me about 45 min.

Step 2: Next

then i moved on to the blue platform with the mushroom that took about 15 min,

Step 3: Next

i made the center bit next that took me about 10 min

Step 4: Next

i worked on the blue building on the brown and red platform this took 8 min

Step 5:

then i worked on the side platform with the house off of the brown platform this part took 15 min

Step 6: Finally

i made the last floating house this took 4 min

Step 7: Rosalina's Comet Observatory 3d Model Download

download the 3d model

Step 8: Vote for Me

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