Introduction: Rotating LED Christmas Tree

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Hi! I made this cool looking rotating LED Christmas tree with my 10 and 12 year old relatives from cheap and easy to get parts.

My video in YoutTube is in 3 parts(3 level of difficulty) so I hope that also experienced hobbyist will find it intresting because I showed how to use wireless power trasnsfer to blink LEDs.

Step 1: Get All Parts and Tools


1.DC fan -> get from old PC or:

2.Pen(or something similar)

3.CR battery holder ->

4.CR batterys ->

5.LEDs ->

6.220R resistors ->

7.Tinned copper wire -> from PC PSU common mode inductors or:

8.Hot glue stick ->

9.Solder ->


1.Solder iron ->

Step 2: Solder All Connections

Solder LED anode to resistor and cathode to battery ground. Use stiff tinned copper wires that you can salvage from old power supplies. Repeat this step for all branches of Cristmas tree.

Step 3: Put It Together

Hot glue your branches (LED+ resistor) to pen or something similar. This will be body of Christmas tree. Then hot glue it to DC fan.

Step 4: Enjoy :)

Power it up and enjoy. Put in on your window sill so all your neighbors could see it. This looks much more cooler than typical window candle lights ;)

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