Introduction: Rotating LED Display That Shows Infinite Words| POV | Propeller Display

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Rotating LED display is an amazing and very simple project, you can make this easily and gift to your special someone. Rotating LED Display also called POV Display. This project is made by using Arduino Nano. Arduino Nano is very small in size, cheap and have on board programmer, so it doesn’t need any external programmer. Arduino Nano is Breadboard friendly so its an positive point.

Rotating LED Display or POV Display is a rotating LED strip, and LEDs blinks according to alphabets, that makes some visible words. The complete working is shown in “Working of Rotating LED Display

Step 1: Components and Parts

  1. Arduino Nano
  2. LED Red 7
  3. Resistor 330 ohm 8
  4. Switch DPDT 1
  5. Battery 9 Volt 1
  6. Battery Holder1
  7. IR LED
  8. Photo Diode
  9. Resistor 10K
  10. PCB Copper Clad / Zero PCB
  11. Header Pin
  12. Power Pin Motor Connector

Step 2: Working of Rotating LED Display

POV display” or “Rotating LED Display” is just an Eye Cheat, our eyes does not differentiate the very fast movement. In this ‘POV display’ LED strip rotates very fast (More than 500 RPM) and LEDs makes a pattern according to the alphabets, so we can see the words or alphabets.

In the GIF image, you can see and understand the working of Rotating LED Display. Suppose we want to show the alphabet ‘A’ on POV Display, as shown is GIF image some LEDs of first column are glowing, LEDs glows according to the alphabet. After some milliseconds delay LEDs of second column are glowing and the speed of LED, blinking is very fast so we cannot differentiate the changes and see only some alphabets.

In the rotating LED display, Arduino Nano used as controlling Unit. Arduino is a microcontroller Board, which control the LEDs and make a blink pattern. A pair of IR LED (Infrared LED) and PD (Photodiode) used for determining the starting point of the rotation.

When circuit of the POV display cross over the white strip, Photo diode detect it and starts the LED strip according to alphabets, every time it makes the same pattern so we can clearly see the alphabets.

Step 3: Circuit of Rotating LED Display

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Circuit of POV display is very simple but we need to make it very compact as possible because it runs on very high speed (more than 500 RPM), and motor cannot handle the heavy and bigger circuit, so I designed the circuit on Eagle CAD software, that will make the circuit very compact. If you are good in PCB Etching you can make your own PCB, if you want to learn PCB Etching please CLICK HERE. If you are going to make the PCB use the circuit given below or

YOU CAN BUY FROM US, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT US. If you are not familiar with PCB Etching… do not worry, you can use the circuit given below and make the circuit on ZERO PCB.

In the circuit of POV Display seven LEDs are connected to Arduino pins (D6 to D12) through resistance of 330 ohm. Photodiode connected to Vcc and GND through a resistance of 10K ohm, the junction point of photodiode and resistor connected to pin A7 of Arduino. IR LED connected to Vcc and GND through a resistance of 330 ohm.

Step 4: Code